Inspiring NASA’s Next Generation through Building, Coding, and Machine Learning Missions (NASA ML-Bots) is a program sponsored through Space Grant K-12 Inclusiveness and Diversity in STEM (SG KIDS). The goal of SG KIDS is to utilize NASA’s missions of research, development, and discovery to attract diverse populations of traditionally underserved and underrepresented middle and high school students in STEM and equip them with the tools necessary for success in college STEM degree programs leading to STEM careers.


  • Our mission is to create a sustainable and diverse workforce pipeline in the areas of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for robotic systems, necessary to achieving NASA’s future exploration goals for the moon, Mars, and beyond.
  • Our program is an interactive STEM learning experience designed to teach coding and AI and ML basics to students in grades 6-12 using NASA-inspired applications.
  • We aim to provide opportunities for underserved and underrepresented students to develop foundational skills in AI/ML to help them excel in the future STEM workforce.

ML-Bots Team

The team serves students in grades 6-12 in four states across the southeast – Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Louisiana. The team consists of representatives from

  • Georgia Tech (lead of Georgia Space Grant)
  • Alabama Space Grant
  • Hines Family Foundation
  • Louisiana Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Advisory Council (LaSTEM) (affiliate of Louisiana Space Grant)
  • Mercer University (affiliate of Georgia Space Grant)
  • Morehouse at Atlanta University Center (affiliate of Georgia Space Grant)
  • University of Tennessee Chattanooga (affiliate of Tennessee Space Grant)