Science Teachers @ Tech Day

Science Teachers @ Tech Day
Science Teachers @ Tech Day 2019

High School Administrators strive to excel in providing their students with the tools they need to succeed in their secondary education. The Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology is seeking nominations of up to 4 of your school's most exemplary science teachers to attend the "Science Teachers @ Tech Day 2019" program. Each teacher must be actively teaching in one or more of these subject areas: 

• Biology
• Chemistry
• Earth - Environmental Science
• Physics

This celebration of High School Science Teachers in Georgia will allow teachers to:

  • Tour cutting edge labs to see how concepts from your subject (biology, chemistry, physics or environmental science) are applied to research.
  • Collaborate with peer teachers to complete an authentic lab activity from a freshmen level course in order to experience what your students should be prepared for.
  • Hear directly from current students about their school – university transition.
  • Celebrate other outstanding science teachers.
  • Enjoy the fun and excitement in science!
For questions, or for more information, please email