CEISMC's Dr. Jamila Cola receives the International STEM Education Association 2016 STEM Champion Award

CEISMC’s Dr. Jamila Cola is this year’s recipient of the “STEM Champion Award” given by the International STEM Education Association. She received the award on October 11, 2016. The Awards Selection Committee was very impressed with her efforts in STEM education.  The Mike Neden STEM Champion Awards program honors public and private elementary, middle, high school teachers and teacher educators that have served as a champion for integrated STEM education in their school and/or community. This awards serves as a standard of excellence for individuals who promote integrated science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.

In her role as a part-time Research Scientist in the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing, she has received over $700,000 from NASA, National Science Foundation, Materials Society Foundation, and Department of Education: Improving Teacher Quality Grant, and Arts in Education - Model Development and Dissemination Grant. All of these grants provide quality professional development for in-service teachers by helping to enhance the toolkit of each STEM teacher by improving STEM teaching and student learning in Georgia and beyond. These grants have supported various programs: Georgia Tech research experiences, week-long summer enrichment programs for students, teacher professional development workshops, STEAM professional development, conference participation, materials for teachers to implement lessons, tours of manufacturing plants, tours of campus labs, and sustained faculty- teacher partnerships. She has also worked behind the scenes to partner with parents, teachers, and scientists to establish a “Meeting Mentor Program” where high school students were paired with researchers at a national scientific conference.
Dr. Jamila Cola has enthusiastically promoted K-12 STEM and STEAM education through collaborations with Georgia Institute of Technology faculty, graduate students and undergraduate students, strong partnerships with Museums and Non-profits focused on arts- integrated learning, and dedicated, supportive relationships with teachers.
Her letters of support stated, “After working with Dr. Cola the 1st summer, I saw how much I grew as a teacher with her guidance and support. She pushes me to think outside the box and to show students how much variety there is in the field of engineering. Dr. Cola is not only a STEM Champion, but a STEAM trailblazer.”  A former teacher stated, “Because of her shoulder to shoulder support in my own journey in developing and implementing various STEM initiatives, I have had the honor of receiving first place in the Paul A. Duke Action Plan Achievement Award in 2011 and 2013 as well as first place award for the 2014 GT- CETL Education Partnership Award.  Her passion for bridging the gap in science for students is continuously reflected in her dedication to support all efforts to make STEM and STEAM accessible to all students and teachers.”

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  • Dr. Jamila Cola STEM Champion Award

For More Information Contact

Jamila Cola, PhD

Research Scientist

Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC)

Georgia Institute of Technology

817 W. Peachtree St., Suite 300

Atlanta, GA 30308

website:  http://www.steam.gatech.edu

email:  jamila.cola@ceismc.gatech.edu

phone: 404.385.2234

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