Biologically Inspired Design for Engineering Education Workshop

During this extended professional development workshop, participants will learn about the theory, practice, and processes of Biologically Inspired Design (BID) and how it can enhance engineering design and engage students. The training is a comprehensive experience that will introduce teachers to BID, its practices and processes, and how they integrate with the Engineering Design Process to enhance creativity, innovation, and solution generation. Participants will (optionally) engage in a BID-based design challenge, in the same way, students experience the process and are provided with (optional) opportunities to visit Georgia Tech research labs, Zoo Atlanta, and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with guides that will connect the experiences to BID and Engineering. The training is designed for teachers of the Engineering & Technology Pathway courses (Foundations of E&T, Engineering Concepts, Engineering Applications) and will provide resources and (optional) training for a 5 to 7-week design-based engineering unit, including additional short activities that may be incorporated into an engineering curriculum in an ad hoc way. This material was designed by Georgia Tech’s Center for Biologically Inspired Design and CEISMC and funded by the National Science Foundation.

Class size is limited to 15 participants. Attendees must be engineering instructors in one of the designated pathway courses or have a background in biology, subject to instructor approval.

Participants will receive a stipend for completing each week of activities, proportional to expected hours - $750 for the two required weeks and an additional $500 for each optional week, with a total possible stipend of $2,250 for participating in all activities (90 hrs).


Dates Expected Hours Activity Location Required/Optional
June 12 - 23 10 Pre-work and reading Independent Study Required
June 26 - 30 20 BID concepts & design methods Online Meetings & Videos Required
July 3 - 7 20 Design Challenge Independent Study with Online Meetings Optional*
July 10 - 14 20 Field trips (GT Labs/Zoo/Gardens) Atlanta/Campus Optional*
July 17 - 23 20 Curriculum Training Online Meetings & Videos Optional*

Beginning and End Time - 8:30 am to 4:30 pm - tentative
Contact Hours - 30 required hours, 60 optional hours

Required 30 hrs – virtual
*Optional 60 hrs – set up by Jeff Rosen at Georgia Tech after the 30 hrs
*Optional activities will be held subject to a critical mass of participants (6 or more) who choose to attend.

Registration Information
Georgia teachers, who are members of the Career, Technical & Agricultural Education Resource Network, can register through the CTAERN site (member login required).

All other teachers can email Jeff Rosen at to register.