Environmental Engineering and Sustainability: PUSH

Course Description


Environmental Engineering and Sustainability: PUSH Program,
Grade Level: Rising 10th-12th Grade
Price: $450 (per week) + $10 application fee
Dates: Day Camps (9 AM- 3 PM) July 9-13 & July 16-20
(Students are encouraged, but not required to attend both weeks. A discount of $100 will be applied to students accepted to both programs for a total cost of $800)
Week 1: "Water you talking about?"
Put your speaking, writing, and acting skills to the test as you explore different ways of effectively communicating scientific information about Earth’s most valuable resource; water. At the PUSH (Pursuing Urban Sustainability at Home) program this week, learn how the H20 molecule affects our climate, food, and health through interactive experiments, tours of campus labs, and field trips to local waterways including the Chattahoochee River and Proctor Creek. Communicate the importance of water conservation in your community through different methods including digital storytelling, multimedia installations, and humor.
Week 2: Water by Design 
Heat up your STEAM molecules and experience the intersection of art and science through the study of Earth’s most valuable resource: water. At the PUSH (Pursuing Urban Sustainability at Home) program this week, you will have the opportunity to learn how art can convey important messages about water quality, availability and its effect on living conditions.  Through hands-on experiences, campus lab tours, and field trips to the Georgia Aquarium and the High Museum, you will focus on the use of street art, photography, music (composed through coding), and poetry to express the importance of water sustainability in your community. The program will culminate with a gallery event for all participants to share their creative expressions of water.